Broker for new p/t investor agent - DFW

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Hi all, I recently got my salesperson license to help give my husband and I a leg up with our investing, as well as to add some resources for me in managing our rentals. There are so many brokers beating down the door, not to mention all the 100% commission types that don’t advertise much that I’m a bit overwhelmed. Any suggestions for some good brokerages to look at for limited RE work, and hopefully let me do some property management as well? We’ve had friends ask if we would manage their rentals, which is fine since I’m already doing my own anyway, but of course can’t officially without a broker. I can do one client at a time or so but not more as a pregnant stay at home mom of two toddlers. Thoughts? Thanks y’all!

Hi @James Evertson , yes @Kate Moreland was a great fit with my brokerage as she is a fellow investor and looking for a place that fits her goals as an agent at the moment (no desk fees, sales quotas, office time, etc). I'd be happy to talk to you or your wife more to see if it could be a fit for her. You may want to check out some of the DFW investor facebook pages for a bigger selection of brokerages in DFW. "DFW Real Estate Investment" is a great page that a lot of Dallas BP folks are on. You can search for threads on brokerages or if you post a question, you'll get many agent replies and should have a multitude of agents to talk to!