Best course for california License for real estate sales agent

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Hi All My friend is looking to get a california real estate agent license and would appreciate guidance and referral about best course that you know and would recommend for someone starting out to get educated and get a license eventually. Appreciate pointers. Thank you!

I used Allied Business School.  They had competitive prices and good support staff.  I'd consider it ideal for a do-it-yourself style learner because there wasn't any face to face lectures.  You had to grind through the material, take the practice tests, and get it done yourself.  I used them to get both my RE Salesperson License education as well as my required coursework for the MLO endorsement. I passed both tests the first time.  They're based out of Laguna Hills.  Here's a link:

I used Allied Schools for my RE Sales License as well, and I agree that in addition to it being affordable it's also good for someone who wants to study on their own time.

Other tips are to take a "crash course" the week or two before the actual test date. Several places offer these including brokerages themselves, so if your friend starts interviewing brokerages a couple weeks before his test date, some will offer the crash course free of charge as an incentive for recruitment. I took my crash course for free through First Team, although they also sell the course for $199.

Additionally, search "PrepAgent" on Youtube. He is a RE exam-prep trainer who films his training sessions with his students. They use exact questions from the actual exam. 

I studied a ton and I watched Prep Agent videos on YouTube. He presents that material in a  way that made it fun and easy to remember the important stuff. He also offers coaching sessions and crash courses if need be, but if you study hard and couple it with the videos it may be very helpful.

Best of luck!


Probably cram school in your area. Get a brokerage to sponsor such they reimburse your tuition after 1st closing.

CA license questions do not change. Several 1000 same old questions for 45 years.