Real Estate License Preparation

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Hi All, I’m starting the class for my license in a few weeks time. Just reaching out to see if anyone has any suggestions to prepare for these classes in advance eg relevant reading, discussion or just advice about approaching the course. Specifically the course is real estate salesperson in New Jersey. Thanks, Tim

@Tim McSherry. I took my class early this year.  If your doing in person which I’m assuming you are the best thing you can do is get the reading assignment and books for the first night of class. And read all material before class. That should help you a lot. also do all homework and questions. And with your extra time... Not that you will have any start going over the previous chapters. Best of luck!!

@Tim McSherry I just got my real estate license a month ago, so it's still fresh on my mind. I'd recommend listening to as many real estate agent related podcasts as you can while in real estate school. Helps cement the concepts and shed light on the real world application of what you're learning - that made a significant difference for me when I took the exam because a good number of questions were asked in real life scenarios. If you understand the concepts at a deeper level than the books/lectures themselves, you'll feel more confident and fare better during the test. 

@Mindi Rosser thank you for the reply and suggestion Mindi. I’m currently listening to some of the Bigger Pockets podcasts which have been very helpful so far. Are there any others out there that you have listened to that you would recommend?

@Tim McSherry I just took the class a couple of months ago.  Are you taking it in a crash course (2 or 3 weeks) or over a longer period of time?  I did mine in 2 weeks and it was a lot of information but for me, that learning style works.  The exam was very conceptual vs. simple definitions.  You really had to apply the different "terms" and real estate language to situations. 

@Tim McSherry I would recommend the following:

The Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast

GSD Mode

The Honest Real Estate Agent

Your Journey with Jennie Podcast

The Brian Buffini Show

Real Estate Success Rocks

Coach Tom Ferry

Agent Wealth Network

Real Estate Marketing Dude

Leaders in Real Estate

Kevin Ward's YES Talk

Real Estate Rockstars (my #2 fave)

Real Estate Coaching Radio (my #1 fave)

Happy listening!

@Matthew Passero thank you for getting back and for the advice. Terminology appears to be a big part of it alright, particularly for me as I’m coming from Ireland originally and some things are done a bit differently. I’ll be going to class twice a week after work from Sept-Nov