Real Estate Photography! Who uses it?

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Hey y'all!

I'm Lukas! I'm in Oklahoma, but I absolutely love making connections over BP on all kinds of discussions...

In this post I just want to see who uses professional real estate photography, and why you do! (or not, hehe)

I'm totally biased, I own a business that services real estate professionals of all kinds regardig their marketing needs. We focus on "3D" photography, as well as your typical 2D photos and video content. However, I'm not selling anything which is why I'm posting outside of my local market. I'm just looking to here from the kinds of people I serve to gleen how I can improve. :D

So once again, do you use someone? What do you like about it? Why do you do it, instead of just whipping that smartphone out?

Good to hear from you all in advance!


Hi @Lukas Zupan


I would say I use it on a majority of my listings. Our average listing is about 120K. My photographer makes a run for $125. Then a few extra bucks for a pretty sky and pretty grass etc. I have options of a drone and 3D for add ons. That being said, if my listing is close to median and a good set of photos will do it justice (make it look more like a magazine than the lived in place it is) then I am all in. If there are issues with too much stuff, holes in walls things good lighting can't fix, then I don't bother. But most times I think a photographer is worth it.