Best resource for path to real estate agent

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Hi All I wanted some advice for tge Best resource for path to becoming a real estate agent in CALIFORNIA. There are tons of online courses and I am unable to see much difference in them. Appreciate any guidance you can provide guidance

There are a few stages to be  a realtor. 

1. Pass the exam, that seems to be your current stage. So pick a school, study and pass your state exam. This is the easiest part of your career. 

2. Pick a broker. If I weree you I would interview to be on Team instead of a solo agent in a Brokerage. You'll learn so much so fast I believe. If you go solo get a broker with $0 monthly fees since you won't be making any money for 3-6 months. You'll just be spending spending spending. I'm talking about business cards, MLS dues, clothes, Gas, car wear and tear, supra key dues. You'd probably get a website and need idx, the list goes on. There are so many companies out there looking for ways to get realtors to buy the "magic" bullet.

3. Picking your niche, is it first time buyers, move up buyers, luxury, commercial, it goes on. What area are you going to work? Now you have to preview property every day, like 4 a day. 

4. Lead generation, whole other subject

So good luck.