Protect Your Client's Property!!!

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Dear Every Real Estate Agent Whose Listings I'm Viewing Recently,

STOP using the SAME lockbox code on all your listings. Especially those of you who have 9 listings across town. 

STOP using the property address as the lockbox code. Seriously?!?

STOP using your initials on the letter lockboxes. Your middle name is not that hard to figure it out.


Every One of Your Clients Whose House Was Just Broken Into...

I have been properties recently where the agents are using the same numbers and letters found in their businesses name.. ridiculous!

Mindy, just curious, how many homes have you been to recently that were broken into by the seller using the methods you've listed above?  Is that a problem in your area, where you have a group of savvy thieves out there?  We don't seem to have a problem here and I've always used the same code on my lockbox, but you bring up a good point, perhaps there's a group of Codebreakers out there that spend their time figuring these lockboxes out.  We use combo doors on our rental properties and those codes get changed weekly, I've luckily never had a break-in to this point.

@Brad Braun , I don't have any data on this, perhaps I am being overly cautious. The easiest code to break is the one that's most obvious. 

I saw another house yesterday. The address is 1400 and the code on the door is 1400. That seems ridiculous to me. 

That does seem a bit careless to say the least.  I use a totally random number that I memorized years ago and has nothing to do with my birthday, ssn, or any other combination that's related to me.  I feel that if someone were to figure it out, they'd have to be really good or really lucky.  I do however use the same code for all of my combo boxes as I feel it would take a mastermind to figure it out..