New LA Agent Intro Mid Century and Investors

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Hi All,

I've been a BP Pro member for a year now. After closing my clothing business in December I was heavily focused on REI and in my effort to learn as much as possible about RE ended up getting my license. I'm currently working with Keller Williams in the Studio City office and focusing on the San Fernando Valley areas and out through East LA.

I am very interested in working buyers/sellers/investors interested or working in Mid Century and Modern homes and here to help ALL investors as an investor myself. I have great relationships with some lenders that have interesting strategies for property acquisition at all income and savings levels and some great experience working with a team of Los Angeles flippers that comes in handy when making big decisions about a new investment. 

I love to opportunity to chat on BP, by phone, or in person about real estate and investing in general or regarding specific investments or acquisition!

Instagram: @Beckford_Home, @Daniel.LosAngeles

Hi Daniel!

Great to e-meet you. Hope BP is answering many of the questions you may have. It is a great resource. I run a real estate, mortgage, and insurance brokerage in LA and am always looking to connect with other investment minded individuals. If you ever need a referral for financing, no matter how creative, I would love to be of assistance. Let's connect sometime!