Accessing properties with a real estate license

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I’m a beginner here and have been trying to find a good deal to flip. I’ve seen many properties And made several offers none of which have been accepted. In analyzing my numbers I’ve even tried to settle for a minimum profit just so I can get in the game and gain some experience. I feel like my agent is starting to get frustrated and tiered of showing me so many properties and writing so many offers. She no longer responds to my questions right away like she used to and sometimes ignores them altogether. She is a great agent and knows her stuff. She helped us buy our own house but I think she is not as enthusiastic with us as she used to be. Anyways I’m thinking of getting my own license to not have to keep politely askiNG someone else to make time for me to see a property. I’ve been reading up on the requirements of becoming an agent and that I have to sign up with a broker. My question is, can I access MLS and properties without being assigned to a broker and having to pay their fees? So once I find a property I can just ask another agent to make an offer? Would that even be a smart thing to do or is it totally stupid? Also is it easy to find a broker if I am only wanting to work on my own properties? My dilemma is that I want to have access to mls and properties but I don’t think it would make financial sense to have to pay broker fees if I am only buying 1 or 2 houses per year for now. Should I even consider getting a license? Thanks

@Marsha Rost In order to act as an agent you need to be associated with a broker. That is state law. The MLS is owned by the Realtor organization. Your would have to contact your local realtor organization what you need to do to get access. I have access via my partner as I am approved by his broker to be his assistant and I pay separate fees from my partner for MLS access.

Regarding actual access to properties you must be a licensed agent associated with a broker to have access to listed properties.

There are various services that provide sale data other than the MLS however many do not have as detailed information as the MLS.

I did not like the Real Estate agent world. I am an out of the box thinker. That is strongly discouraged in the agent world. I did some of my most profitable deals when I did not have access to the MLS - but I did use other pay services. I was an agent i gave up my license.

As a real estate agent, you must work with a realtor.. who is a broker. So if you sell something, you get a commission and your realtor gets a commission. Therefore, if you are only interested in being a buyer, you would save on your own commission but the realtor (broker) would get a commission. I think is the official website of mls and you should have full access to it as a buyer right now... If you are only interested in 1 to 2 houses per year, I don't think getting your real estate license is worth it. Don't forget that agents have to put in "floor time" every week.

@Marsha Rost well certainly there are free places like Zillow or Redfin. They generally get there sold prices from the public records and have little detail. 

There are a number of services like Reallist, Hains criss cross, RealQuest, Real fast data, etc I don't even know what these services are called but there are several of them. There is also  a newer generation of info services that many REIAs sell of give access for a membership fee. Privy is one.