Old Listing on real estate listing website - Who do I contact?

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Who can I contact when I've come across a a listing that is 150+ days old on sites like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, etc. ? 

Also, how can I technically know when a listing has expired? How do you know what type of contract the seller had with the agent?

@Kaliya Nikole a real estate agent would tell you the answer to both questions. On those websites, a listing that old is either the owner just trying to see what they could get or it’s a bad property (either economically or physically). Not sure you are, but many cities you can search the tax assessors office public records to see when the last sale happened and even who owns it, again depends on your city. As far as knowing what contract the listing agent has with the seller, you can only guess. It’s different with every agent/city, but in LA it’s typically 6 months. The MLS would show if the listing agreement has expired. Hope this helps! Best of luck to you.

@Aikane Belez thanks! Usually the listings that attract me are 150+ day old listings posted by agents. I intended to research public records and the like, however, wanted to get a better understanding of these type of listings.