Brokerage firms w/ low fees

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Evening BP’ers, Which brokers (remax, crye leike, berkshire, etc...) have the lowest monthly fees on agents? Is there one that doesn’t take much of your commission? Thanks

Most markets have some sort of fee per transaction brokers. For big name brands, Re/Max tends to have the best deal at a desk fee somewhere around $10-$15k per year and 95-100% of the commission depending on the market.

What is your goal though?  In some markets, the no name brands are looked upon as being hacks, which can make it more difficult to sell, and to have your offers accepted.  However if you are not buying/selling a bunch of houses, then having a $10k per year desk fee just might not be in your budget.

Thanks! Honestly my main goal is to find the lowest fee possible because I’m only looking to accomplish 2 things
1.) access to MLS and be able to quickly modify my searches

And 2) be able to forego my commission on properties when I make an offer to make my offer more competitive

Hi Adam,

It sounds like you are looking for a mom and pop brokerage firm that will let you hang your license for a flat fee per deal or let you keep a high % of your commission.  If you go this route you need to understand two things.  Gotta make sure the firm you are working for is reputable. Second, you need to know that you will get zero help.  These firms expect you to know everything hence why you are getting a high split.  In my market having a big firm name is not a big deal and I personally don't care what a agents firm is.  I treat all agents the same.

@Adam Philpot Don’t try to get quick rich. You’ll get burned. Join an office that pays you 50/50 split but offers mentorship or training lIke Century 21 or WeIchert. Or join a KW or ReMax under a team leader who is there to help. Find a listing agent that lists a lot of flips in your area on Zillow and see if you can become an agent on their team. Then shadow them for a year. Should be able to understand contracts, what to look for, and how to market the properties. You’ll gain more in a year of mentorship than you’ll earn in that year trying to do on your own.

No name mom and pop local brokerage. There are also flat rate company.  The ones you mentioned are national franchise and low volume producers will not make any dough.

Hi Adam,

If you don't know the ends and outs of contracts you shouldn't be looking for a high split flat fee broker.  Steve is correct.  You are not trying to get rich quick.  What you need is to work for a high producing team that will guide you and mentors you.  All the firms he mentioned are great options.

I see this way too often.  A rookie agent or agent who does 2 deals a year trying to get paid like they a top producer.  Stop thinking about what the broker is taking from you. Instead look at it as a trade-off.  You are giving a bigger portion of your commission to the firm to learn.  This way you don't screw up a deal and you fast-track your way to success.  Once you know what you are doing and don't need any help from anyone.  Now go an negotiate a high split for yourself.