Online RE Licensing Course - FL

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Hi BP, 

I am interested in getting my RE License in Florida and was wondering if you could recommend a reputable online course that has plenty of useful resources, but also doesn't break the bank.


Hey Nick,

I'm a fan of Real Estate Express.  I've used them before for my license and continuing education.  Prices are reasonable and I believe they may be running a sale right now.  Check them out :)

- Jake

Originally posted by @Jordan McCoy :

I went through groupon and got a great deal for post licensing with Azure Tide Realty.  Class had good info and the test was simple.  

Did the same. Not the best presentation for a course (a lot of redundancy in the slides), but fit the bill for a very good price. I would also suggest that you take the combo with the post course package as you will need to take it once licensed for your first renewal.