Broker for new agent in Northern VA

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Hi BP,

My sister is a new agent in the Shenandoah/Winchester area of VA and needs to find a new broker who can provide training, guidance, etc. She signed on with a family friend but it's not working well as he's very good but very hands off and often unavailable. She is hoping to make this her full time career as soon as possible and even has the next couple months off work (loads of overtime pay from the last job!) to dive into RE full throttle.

She's going to try to reach out to Weichert, a local KW office, and some of the other big names, but do any of you with more experience have a good one I could point her toward?  

Thank for the help, once again!

Training will likely be best at either KW or L&F. (Disclosure, Im an L&F agent)