To take a real estate licensing class or not to...

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Do you think it’s a good idea to become a licensed agent or at least take the course to have a leg up when it comes to real estate investing? I’d hate to snag a wholesale deal and be at the closing table and not understand the process and real estate jargon being thrown around.

You won't learn enough from license classes to keep you from being surprised at the closing table. There are agents with decades of experience that get thrown for a loop every now and then. Being an agent won't magically make you intelligent - there are a lot of horrible, ignorant agents out there. The classes will teach you a lot but are geared toward being an agent and focus on how to pass the license test. Nothing you can buy can substitute for experience. So unless you expect to make enough in commission fees each year to pay for maintaining your license, no, it is not worth becoming an agent or taking classes.