Best source for leads as a Realtor.

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To all experienced agents! What is your #1 source for leads? Is it cold calling, direct mail, open houses, google/Facebook ads etc. Also I keep seeing videos of realtors getting buyers or leads in general from Zillow and what are your thoughts on this? Is it legit? Thank you fellow agents!

Through personal contact or referral. 

These  internet paid lead generation is a numbering game. Most of the time 10% of leads you reach a live person not serious. The rest 90% is a waste of time.....

Lead generation is a numbers game no matter how you cut it.  I've tried a couple of different platforms, including signs/banners, Zillow leads, mail campaigns, and networking.  Networking and word of mouth has generated the most leads.  I just started using Zillow leads a couple of months ago and haven't gotten it fully up and running yet.  No matter which method you use, you have to fully commit to it.  Just having a Zillow account won't generate leads - you need to get 5 5-star ratings to boost you profile and make sure you are quick to respond to anything that does come through.  It also depends on who your target market is.  If I'm looking for investment properties - doing a direct snail-mail campaign in neighborhoods with high rental rates isn't going to yield good leads bc the mail is not going to get to the actual homeowner.  However, visiting neighborhood associations, investor groups and handing out your business card will help.  

@Andrew LeBaron I'm curious how you are using virtual assistants and if it has been a worthwhile investment for you??