Property management questions

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When durIng the month do investor payouts occur (send then theIr portIon of the rent aftrr fees) and how is invoicing handled? when repairs are made for Investor: Who pays vendor? management or directly from Investor? Do we collect after paying vendor? Do WE take out of rent? do WE connect client to the vendor? If more than rent do you invoice or take out of over several months?

We pay our owners around the 7th of each month, waiting for the rent checks to clear, then wire payments directly to owner accounts. 

We have a reserve fromt eh owner of a few hundred dollars, from which we pay the vendors for any repairs. This then gets replenished from the rents the following month, and we pay the owner the rents, less any repairs we have paid for. 

Owner does not talk to tenant or vendors. That is out job to handle and manage. 

If it is more than the rent, we ask the owner to send funds to us to cover the payment to the vendor.