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BP Nation, a thought just came across my mostly empty brain. It started as a pre-thought(if that's even possible) when I got an email this morning and realized I was less than impressed.

Some of you know that I'm attending RE licensing class to become an agent. I'm also at that point where I'm going to start narrowing down my choices on who/where to hang my license.

Here's what I'm thinking, tell me if you think this might be interesting, Especially for those of you that are currently brokers. You might be able to find this information useful in recruiting new agents.

While I'm soliciting myself, being solicited and just overall comparing my possibilities, I can give an insightful perspective on my choices. I would do this delicately(sp?) so not to be offensive or bash brokers/brokerages. Rather, from a new agents perspective, what I liked and didn't think was helpful for me.

Your thoughts? I can start with at least 2 right off the bat if you guys/gals would think this may bring some value to either Brokers/new agents.

I think it would be worth reading. Please post your findings.

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