Real Estate License

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I currently live in CA and planned to get licensed. Right now I am done with the California Real Estate Principle and Practice and finishing up Law to get my California Real Estate License. But, It just came up that I plan to move to Texas in the next couple years. My parents do plan to retire there and I would like to move out there a long with them. (Also help them find a house when the time comes). Does anyone know if I can continue getting my CA real estate license and then transfer it to Texas? I am about to reach out to the TREC about this but I was wondering if I can still get my license in CA get experience and then transfer to TX when my family moves. Might be an easy question but I cannot find a clear answer. I have found that TX is not reciprocal. But then I hear you can. So I am confused.

@Michael Guydish . In Texas, you will definitely have to go through the licensing process again. I would guess some of your education will satisfy the Texas Education License requirements, but each state gets their pound of flesh so to speak. If you're going to remain Cali for awhile, get the experience, it always transfers with you.