I need advice... Full time job and Realtor

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I need advice. I currently work a full time job not in the Real Estate profession, but I am a Realtor of 3 years and I do very well. I feel as if I'm not living up to my potential dream of becoming a Full time agent because I'm unable to dedicate 100% to my business. I'm currently thinking about going to work for a builder... still not my dream but it produces income. Any advice, thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. I feel as if I cant live my dream for providing another chance their's

I would figure out the minimum that you need to make per month to "survive" and see if you can do that with your agent income. If you have more time to prospect and network, your business will most likely grow. Being 100% commission based is hard when you first start, but if you get some momentum going you should be good!  

Hi Kimberly!

If your dream really is to be in real estate then get out of the non-real estate job. What you focus on expands! Working for a builder is an amazing opportunity! This will also open up other opportunities to represent builders and network with so many other people in the real estate industry. Hope this helps! 

@Kimberly Duckett I feel you. Right now I am doing the same and I feel it is a challenge that makes me think outside the box. I am exploring ways of lead generation that involve the least amount of time commitment from me. I do believe it can be done.