Question on MLS listing procedure

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I'm just about to list a duplex for sale this week. This will be the first time working with the listing I choice. I think he is a perfectly fine agent and I have no concern with the house selling. Today pictures were taken and the listing will be posted live tomorrow. I had asked my realtor if he could send me the pics and listing blurb before it goes live just so I can have a look, telling him I completely trust his judgment and it will probably look great but I may have some input.

After dodging the question repeatedly he finally flat out told me it was impossible and highly unusual for a client to even ask that. That normally the listing goes live and a link is sent to client. Gave me the line “let me do my job” kind of thing and end of discussion.

I thought this was strange and that my request was really not unreasonable at all and pretty normal actually.

Any thoughts? What's the norm with this kind of thing? I would imagine many people selling a house would want to just see what was being posted prior to it going live on MLS.

MLS listings are editable so if you don't like what he's written or how the photos have been shot, you can change it. But I'm surprised at his reaction. If I were to have someone so involved I would respect that person's need to preview. Maybe your agent didn't have anything written yet and was dodging your requests to buy time. And I have to say, while there are some agents out there that are incredible, producing amazing photos and a listing description that would melt Scrooge's heart and open his wallet, there are just as many, if not more, who do no better than a mediocre job. I often think "wt???" when I look at them online.

@Julia Duffy I woudn't have an issue with your request. In fact, I always at a minimum send a copy of the listing for the seller to review before going live in the MLS here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area so that if any changes are to be made I can get them done immediately. More than one pair of eyes looking at is never a bad thing. Requesting photos though not common is only one e-mail away with the link to the photos for the owner to download. This particular agent may be put off because they have either had the photos for days and haven't gotten to listing it yet or they haven't received the photos yet. Just last week I ordered photos taken on Monday and didn't get them from the photographer until Thursday. I think the holiday weekend had something to do with it.

I am required to obtain seller signatures on the listing documents, including the property data input sheet, so seller definitely reviews and signs off on it, including agent and public remarks to be displayed.  My broker would not allow it to go live until seller signs approval.  I do not send pictures for review unless they request them, but pictures can easily be edited and replaced on our system.   I would be very concerned with an agent who does not allow you to review the listing input data as you need to be sure that it is a correct representation of your home.  

@Julia Duffy , Real Estate Agents are a dime a dozen. Literally all they have to "sell" is their services and perhaps expertise. (I say perhaps, because so many agents have none.)

I'm an agent, and when I'm listing a property, I make sure the seller is near their computer, so I can send them the listing as soon as it is live. (I don't think I have any way to send a preview.)

I show them the pics beforehand, too.

It's too easy to fat-finger a 4 bedroom house to a 3 bedroom one, or forget a bathroom. I want their eyes on the listing to double check it. This is their only house, but not my only listing. I want to make sure all the information is accurate and get it changed if there is any mistake.