Announcing Our NEW Premium Membership!!!

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Hey hey hey, BiggerPocketeer Agents!

We’ve been working on something really cool for the last few months, and I’m super excited to announce it here.

BiggerPockets Premium is now live for agents, hard money lenders, and any investor who has an investment company (more company types to come soon!)

If you want to skip this whole rest of this forum post and just get to the sale, we’re offering a one-time discount for Premium accounts: 20% for the lifetime of your membership. Click here: and enter the coupon code: premiumforum619.

Okay, now for those of you who want a longer explanation:

You may have seen the Premium badges around the forums, and a few other new features while we’ve been testing, and we can finally tell you what this is all about—NETWORKING!!!

Simply put, our community has hundreds of thousands of people who tell us every year they want to meet an investor-friendly agent, a hard money lender, a property manager, etc.

For years, these connections on BiggerPockets have been happening organically, which is awesome! But we’ve heard that the needs of the community have not been fully met in this manner - which is where Premium accounts come in. Here’s what we came up with:

  • Premium members can create new, beautiful company profiles on BiggerPockets, which are searchable by the entire community.
  • Capture interest from the BiggerPockets community and turn them into leads for your business.
  • Premium account members can showcase deals they’ve done with members of the BiggerPockets community (this is huge!), as well as ask BiggerPockets members to write them references.
  • Premium members get placement at the top of our new company directories, where tens of thousands of members look for agents/lenders/partners each month.
  • Upload marketing materials and information about your company/services.
  • AND ALL of the features of our PRO membership, too!

We’re really excited about this, and so far the results have been awesome! Our Premium members are getting high-quality, qualified leads for their business every single week.

If you’re interested in becoming a Premium member we’re offering a one-time sale -- for a few days only so act quickly. 20% off Premium (normally $99/month) for the LIFETIME of your subscription. Use the code ‘premiumforum619’ to upgrade now.

Seriously, this offer is ONLY valid through Saturday, June 8, 2019!


Last thing -- I want to make clear what Premium is NOT.

  • BiggerPockets is NOT selling the names/email addresses/anything of our users to Premium members (or anyone!). Premium allows BiggerPockets users to find people they want to work with through our directories. Our community is and always will be our foremost priority, and everything we do is meant to best serve all of our members.
  • While Premium members are still not allowed to advertise directly in the forums, your Premium membership allows you to add a clickable link directly to your company profile page!
  • We're not taking away the ability to organically connect with people (and we will NEVER take away the ability to connect for free) - just enhancing it!

Wow, this option sounds like a win-win for everyone. I'm am a wholesaler in the Houston, TX area at the moment and may not qualify for this option but it will certainly be a great fit for those more established to make more meaningful connections and boost their networking efforts!

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