What should seller’s agent should do if house is not selling?

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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to figure out what can real estate agent that is representing sellers can do if the house is not selling? In our case, The house is a bit unusual for the neighborhood. It's a highly desirable area in mid Peninsula San Francisco, but the highest is 25% larger than A typical house in the neighborhood. The average price per square foot around us is about $1200, our price is under $900 for a house in great condition over 4000 ft.². Assuming the price is reasonable, What can real estate agent be doing besides open houses on the weekends? Assuming the house is on MLS and syndicated to all the major real estate sites like Zillow and redfin, what else can be done in addition to weekly open houses?

Question....do houses actually sell on a price per square foot basis there? They do not in my market of DC.

Is the agent a member of any off market mls systems? Sometimes unique properties sell better in these off market systems. 

Has the agent called other listing and buyers agents within X radius tonsee if they have a buyers or know who might.

Are you overpriced? It sounds like you are priced higher than the other properties based on size....however the size might not matter to people. A neighborhood can simply have a price ceiling that you might be above.

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