Real Estate Industry Biggest Pains

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Hi all,

I am a student of the residential real estate industry conducting some research on the biggest pains involved with real estate agents.

Would anyone be open to helping a student out with a 15-minute interview, so I can ask you a few questions?

I’d like to understand the biggest pains and problems top real estate agents like yours are experiencing.

In exchange for your help, I can share my top tips from how other real estate agents are solving their biggest pains once I’m complete. I’ll send you the free report when my interviews are complete.

It shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes.

Thanks so much, you’re helping more than you know! 


Christopher Szabo

Are you a student getting a bachelors in Real Estate or you are becoming a RE agent.

I've been an agent/broker for over 20 years, focusing on fixers, multifamily etc.

Located in So Cal, be happy to help