Real Estate Agent & Full Time College Student?

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I am a full-time college student, studying Marketing, with 1.5-2 years left to go. I have been studying real estate investing for a couple months & recently closed on my first wholesale deal. I am going to continue on the wholesale route for awhile & then move on to rental properties. I plan to become a Real Estate Agent and eventually open a brokerage. 

I am contemplating on waiting until I graduate college to get my agent license or get my license now & start working as an agent while I finish school. Any experience or advice on how to approach this situation is greatly appreciated!!! 

@Jade Vaughn as someone who has a masters degree, I would challenge you to think through why you are getting the marketing degree. You already closed a wholesale deal, which is probably as hard as being an agent. Get your license and get busy! College is designed to get you a job. If you want to run a business, you can learn all the same "marketing" stuff from books and podcasts. Skip the student loans and put the money into your business. 

@Jade Vaughn I would go ahead and work towards your license while you are completing college. The first few years of a real estate career can be very slow and are moreso filled with learning and networking. I got my license during my junior year of college and by the time I graduated, I was respected as one of top brokers in the area. Had I waited, I would have been 2 years behind coming out of college.

@John Warren I definitely agree with what you’re saying! I have already put a lot into college & I don’t have too much longer to go, so I want to finish what I started. Also, having a marketing degree exempts you from having to take the required brokerage classes, so that will benefit me. Thank you for your advice!!

@Jade Vaughn First of all, congrats on closing your 1st deal! Second, i think working towards real estate while still in college is a fantastic idea. Youre already in the mind set of studying and retaining info plus maybe you can earn extra money from it to help pay for expenses. plenty of people, including myself, got their license while working a full time position. good luck!

@Jade Vaughn congrats on closing your first deal. It depends if you believe you can do both. If you think you can definitely get licensed and start networking now. If not finish getting your degree, real estate will always be here.

@Jade Vaughn I took all of my real estate classes while going to college so I would highly recommend doing it! Once I graduated I took the test for my license a couple weeks later. Keep up the good work though, that's awesome you have already closed a deal!!

@Jade Vaughn Yay, that's exciting news!! So I personally did it online through UTA and I would honestly not recommend it. Champions school of real estate is 10x better if you can do their courses online. I did a crash course in Ft Worth before my test and it helped tremendously. I know you aren't in the DFW area but I know they for sure offer classes online. It all depends on how you learn but I wish that I paid more attention to the details of the contract course or have taken that one in class. Since I took it online, I felt like I did miss out on people explaining real life scenarios within the business and going over the contracts in general. That shouldn't be too much of an issue for you since you are already using contracts for wholesaling and interacting in the real estate world. Let me know if you have anymore questions and good luck!

@Teri Parker That’s awesome!! What college are you attending? And to answer your question, my college education has not provided me any benefit in the Real Estate world. I read and watch a lot of real estate related things to educate myself!

@Teri Parker I think marketing could potentially benefit you in the RE sector. Especially if you ever become a RE agent. Also having a marketing degree exempts you from taking the required courses to get your brokers license, so that is how I plan to use my degree.

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