What Zipform to use for the Purchase of a working farmland?

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@Eddy Kim I wouldn't use C.A.R. forms for the purchase of a working orange farm. This sounds like it would be considered commercial property, so you'd be better off using A.I.R. CRE forms instead. It's available through your zipforms software. "C.A.R. members may purchase the AIR CRE Contracts Library by clicking the "SHOP" link at the top of the transactions list page after logging into zipForm®."

A.I.R. forms are less slanted towards seller protection.  I feel the protection more evenly distributed between buyer and seller and for that reason like them more.  Cost for AIR forms is $199/year for CAR members.

Before you spend the money on that, check with your board.  They'll probably push C.A.R. forms which you're already paying for.  You could use C.A.R.'s Commercial Property Purchase Agreement and Joint Escrow Instructions (C.A.R. form CPA).  though.   Use an addendum for anything that isn't covered by the CPA.  Even with AIR forms, you'd need to do that. 

The Addendum form....It's simply labeled Addendum (C.A.R. Form ADM).

You'd put on it anything that your buyer wants included in the purchase contact that is not covered specifically in the commercial property purchase agreement.