Real estate license

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Should I get my real estate license for the SOLE purpose of Education?

I do not intend to use the license as an agent but I want to learn what happens behind the scenes of a real estate transaction.

Would anyone recommend this?

Also if I were to get my real estate license would I be able to view the MLS or would I have to "hang my license" with a broker in order to have access to he MLS?

Anything helps!


Regarding MLS- In Dallas, you can't join an association (who provides MLS access) unless your broker is also a member of that association. When I hung my license with a primarily commercial broker who didn't use the MLS, my broker had to join, then I could join and get MLS access.

@Ramiro Rodriguez I think its a waste of money if you arent actually going to use the license. In this era of technology all the information you are seeking is at your fingertips. You could easily order the same textbooks/training manuals used in real estate classes and read them if you really want to learn. Personally I think its a lot easier to just work with an agent that already has the knowledge you are looking to access. You dont need to be the guy with all the answers, be the guy who can call the people who have the answers.