Commercial RE Brokerage

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Hello Agents/Brokers,

I live in Texas and would like to get involved more into Commercial Real Estate. What company/broker firm would you recommend to join? 

@Jason Vo depends on the niche you're thinking will be best for you. There are many brokers out there that specialize in the different niches such as Retail, Office, Medical, Land, Industrial and Multifamily (which is our specialty).

I'd say the most important factor in selecting a firm to join is who will be your mentor. 

This is a tough business to get into and having a good mentor that will actually take time to train and guide you can be the difference between making a career out of it or joining the 87% of agents that drop out of the industry within the first few years...

If you feel multifamily is the right niche for you, feel free to review our current open positions:

Good luck!