Getting Involved w Commercial RE in Tucson AZ

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Hey there,

I'm finishing up getting my RE salesperson's license in Arizona and am looking to get involved with commercial real estate (both as an agent and personally, as an investor). 

I had interviewed with a few brokers to determine who I want to work for and haven't narrowed it down yet. However, they focus on residential. Should I start with residential or should I jump in to a brokerage who specialized in what I know I would like to sell? I interviewed with one agency who is a small 8-man team; the broker seemed EXTREMELY knowledgeable, and seemed like she would be an excellent mentor (she's president of the MLS, on the Ethics board, etc). Should I go for the small brokerage or a big name where I may be just a number to a company? How do I verify they aren't still working in the stone age and have up-to-date databases to get leads?

Does anyone in the Tucson area recommend any commercial brokers? I would love to shadow a few CRE agents if anyone knows of any.


@Alexandra Garced not sure about a commercial broker but have you checked Keller William Southern Arizona? My realtor is Juan De La Ossa and I like his team. Also when you find deals, I would be interested if you pass on them!

@Alexandra Garced

I interned with a few CRE companies before I settled with a smaller brokerage. They offered much better training than the larger companies. Look are the things I looked for when I was trying to decide.

•Do they have a formal trainning program and mentorship

•Do they use a quality CRM

•Do they have an experienced marketing team

•What is the average annual gross commission for an agent in their office

•Is there a specialist in the category of CRE I am interested in (Office, Retail, Industrial, Medical, etc) that can help me grow

Hey Alexandra, what type of commercial are you looking to get involved with? A lot of the commercial brokers want to see some real estate experience as a licensed person before you put you in that role of fiduciary agent for a client. That being said most of the residential brokers also have commercial agents but it is not supported at the same level. I think I know the broker you mentioned. Cheryl is absolutely amazing but unless something has changed I do not think commercial is her focus. I would find a broker who has had success in the specific area of CRE that you want to be involved with. Then find out the average income of the agents under them.

@Account Closed , I'm thinking large multi-fam, but don't want to rule out any CRE options yet. (I don't know what I don't know, therefore, I don't want to say no to anything.) And yes, it's Cheryl! She seems like she would be such an EXCELLENT mentor, and I'm afraid I may not find on the CRE side. So I'm torn between learning the ropes on Residential well and doing what the majority do, or taking a chance and into a smaller pool with the CRE.

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Essentially, I'm nervous I won't find the Cheryl equivalent with commercial.

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Essentially, I'm nervous I won't find the Cheryl equivalent with commercial.