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I have been watching Graham Stephan on YouTube for a quite a while now, and I feel this is the time to act. I live in the vero beach Florida region and I am completely new to the real estate seen. As of now I want to become a real estate agent preferably on ocean side vero, and I dont know where to start or who to go to first. In 5 years I see my self going from full time agent to also dipping into real estate investor to then rent out my own properties. If anyone in my area can please direct me in the right area or on the right path it would mean the world to me!

Hey @Maverick Vlogs congrats on a bold decision! Yes that is doable. First steps are to sign up for an online or in person real estate course. Choose based on your learning style. If you’re self motivated go with online. If you do better with structure then go with in person. 

Then you’ll follow that with the state exam. Again all doable. 

Start reading some real estate books and listen to the BP podcasts! You’ll learn the lingo of investing there and it’s a great resource! 

I’ll send you a connection request and would be happy to answer more questions for ya! You’re definitely in the right place to learn! 

Hi Maverick, I live in Vero on the mainland side and have my Realtor license with Dale Sorensen Real Estate's downtown office (Dale Sorensen has several offices in Indian River County). My husband and I also are fans of Graham Stephan but started our RE investing journey before we started to follow him. We moved here from northern Virginia with the intent of building an investment portfolio 4 years ago (home prices were too high to be cash positive there). 

We have found mainland Vero new construction to be an excellent value for investments because they are easy to rent, have few if no maintenance issues, and draw well-qualified renters. Beachside investments are going to be more expensive to acquire and higher carrying costs (plus if your tenants are subject to mandatory evacuation how will you reimburse them, under what terms, etc.). But that is a matter of personal preference and your financial situation; you would have to study and make a judgment call for yourself.

Dale Sorensen is a great family-owned business and I'm very happy to hang my license with them. I would interview a few brokerages in the County and evaluate based on the managing broker, what is offered in terms of your status as a new licensee (mentoring, training, tech, sales support, etc.). Real estate has a steep learning curve and a lot of your success will be due to your own hard work and ambition. As a 1099 employee you need to be able to shoulder the start-up costs. You will have a lot of competition but there is room for everyone to be successful! And it is definitely a good time to get started. Learning the market as a local agent will arm you with the knowledge to invest here with confidence.

If you would like a referral introduction, send me a private message. Best of luck to you!


Hey Maverick, come to the CFREIA meeting tonight in PSL @ 6:30pm.  I'm not a member yet so I have nothing to gain from it but I'm looking to build my network in the area and I think that's important for anyone looking to get involved.  I'll probably join if the meeting seems good.  Sign up at and the first meeting is free when you register a free account on the website.  See you tonight if you make it!

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