Is obtaining a real estate license worth it??

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I think it depends on what you want to do with the real estate license. Do you want to do it because you want to become a real estate professional and start selling houses in your area? Do you want to change career? Do you want to use it to sell your own home? I think it's best to think about how committed you are to this idea. For example, if it's just one of many randoms ideas you have, then I would do more research before committing myself. If you have thought long and hard and have concluded that this is the best way forward, then go ahead. 

I'm also thinking about getting my real estate license and my understanding so far is that you don't just pay for the online course and the exam, in order to keep your license, you have to pay annual fees for many things. So take that into consideration as well.

This is by no means expert advice, but I hope it helps!

@Jinyu Shao Thank You! I have a Master’s degree in Sports Administration but Real Estate has always been my passion. The issue is that I’ve been studying,watching YouTube videos,and reading many books on Wholesailing. Not to mention listening to podcasts that talk about Wholesale. Apparently a real estate license is not needed to Wholesale. And that the confusion:Wholesale vs Real Estate License???