Investor friendly brokerages in Houston

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Hello BP! I am starting out as a newly inspired aspiring real estate investor focused mainly on rental properties. I have decided to first become a licensed real estate agent. I reside in the greater Houston area and would like to know which brokerages/firms are "investor-friendly" meaning that they support doing investment deals as well as retail ones and also treat agents like independent contractors rather than employees. I have been hearing that Keller-Williams is the most investor friendly company and that they can help investors and agents alike through their training, mentoring, and networking. I am looking forward to getting my license and working with a broker that will support my future endeavors as not only a real estate agent, but a potential real estate investor. Thank you BP family and a cheers to my first forum post!

Hi Kobe,  there are some Keller Williams agents that are investor-friendly, and there are some that don't understand investing.

Stepstone Realty caters only to investor-friendly agents.  Also, I know that many EXP brokers also cater to investors.

Hey @Kobe Xin ! I was an investor first (multifamily) and then became an agent. I find eXp to be very investor friendly, allowing three exempt personal transactions per year (keep full commission), a great commission split, and low cap after that. It is definitely a cool model.

Best of luck to you.

Hi Kobe, my name is Nancy. I was searching around BP today and found your post. I am going through the same stage you were at a year ago. What broker did you end up going with? Feel free to PM me. Thanks in advance! 

I too am currently taking courses to get my license, and I've been searching for good brokers in Houston that are invester friendly. I want to invest heavily in real estate, and also jump in the industry as a licensed agent. I feel working under an investor-friendly broker would allow me to invest with the best education available, and allow me to work with clients who are big time investors. What better education than working with investors, and helping them with their investments to form long-term relationships.

I'm wondering if any other licenses agents/investors have any tips on finding good brokers for aspiring investor agents. I've definitely looked in to EXP and Stepstone ....

@Luis Rivera

Working and collaborating with other investors in the area has definitely been a plus. I ventured into real estate to build wealth and passive income and I feel like the atmosphere of value and support has allowed me the right tools and mindset to do that