Leaning In to Buy Side Investor Client Business

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Hello All, 

Does anyone here do the lion share of their business working exclusively with investor clients? If so was that always the case? If not how did you grow and develop that part of your business to the point it was the main part of your business?

I am thinking up content which I can provide to my base clients (And how to acquire new clients with it as well) Which clients would find most valuable and beneficial leading them more likely to buy or refer me. 

Looking forward to hearing what has been working for you!

Are you qualified to be an Investor's Broker. There are millions of brokers, but what makes the difference between an average broker and you saying you want to be an Investor's Broker.

But, first, I must warn you before you answer. "98% of the people in most professions think they are in the top 2%" How can that be? My point is; most people cannot analyze themselves properly and they think they are much better than they are.

If you are a good broker and you really know how to maximize your clients' ROI's then people will flock to you and throw hundreds of millions of dollars at you. Everyone is looking for the real Investor's Broker.

That reminds me of another saying, "If You Can't Dazzle em' With Inteligence Then Baffle em' with Bull Sh..it.

Want more Investors' Clients? Tell some true success stories how you made some clients millionaires and your problem is solved. Otherwise, don't risk other people's money!

@Oswald Perez I am not great here, only because I don't have a lot of access to pocket listings or off-market deals. I just haven't cracked that nut. Of investors I have worked with and closed deals, most don't really consider my time as valuable and it is a constant play of amount of commissions versus time spent. They think I should be more open to just driving around and doing more discovery work to find them deals. I don't get paid for discovery. I get paid for active transaction managenent. Now give me a qualified first-timer, and I will take that client all day long, even if it takes 6 months or longer to find the right home, as this is more computer and phone work.. Or a Seller willing to list.

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Sorry! I am not a broker, but I think the solution to being a super great investor's broker is much simpler and should not take any more time. The biggest hurdle that newbies and amateur investors have is they don't know very simple and basic real estate math. I am a software developer and I can do simple algebra calculation that are maybe somewhere around 9th or 10th grade level, but most people cannot do that math. So, if a person cannot do real estate math they should not be investing in any type of real estate.

The second problem I encounter is the brokers and real estate agents know real estate laws, but most of them cannot do real estate math for investing. Not only can that not do the math; most real estate brokers don't even know the math exists. So, the end result is you have brokers who only sell properties and every property is a good investment because there is no math that differentiates the properties.

Sad to say, every time a broker calls me about a property for sale I ask about the numbers and the only answer I get is the Cap Rate, or the Pro Forma. The Cap Rate means nothing to me and the Pro Forma is a bull sh...t way of saying the seller is asking for more money than the property is worth at the time it is for sale.

The big money is not in single-family properties nor commercial real estate. It is is multi-unit properties and you to be a good investor's broker you need to extend the numbers 1, 5, 10, 20, 25 and 30 years to see the ROI based in improvements and increases in rental income.