Getting started in Commercial real estate in Las Vegas

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I passed my licence months ago and am still not with a brokerage. I've met with some of the best in the state for commercial real estate brokers and they advise me to start out as a clerk but have no positions under them for hire.

I worry I'm in a catch 22 situation where these brokers pass on me because of inexpieriance but I can't get expieriance until I get on with someone.

Should I bite the bullet and start selling houses or keep looking for a commercial broker? What else would be recommended to get started?

If you really want it and the job position is that competitive. Offer to work for free at first. Show them your value. If you show up early, work hard, show you are motivated, and go above and beyond what you are asked to do, they would be dumb not to give you a chance. That doesn't guarantee they will. But it's better than giving up. Try it out. 

Commercial agents aren’t too friendly with newbies. They like to keep their club closed to avoid the problem most residential agents have - everyone knows at least 3 agents who are all begging for business.