Future Agent in San Diego, looking for a Brokerage!

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Hello everyone! I am new to real estate, but have spent the past 3 months devouring videos about working as an agent and about investing (what I hope to do in the future). I just finished my online courses and am hoping to submit the Combo Application to save time and be able to start sooner than later! A little about me, I am 24 and am currently going to UCSD, but that honestly is just for financial aid at this point, and real estate is what I want to focus on. I am open to leaving school and being an assistant for several months, on a path to being a full fledged agent by getting experience and building savings. I am looking to work around La Jolla/Mira Mesa/Del Mar.

If anyone has any advice and/or any brokers they can recommend contacting, let me know! Thank you!

Hi Josh, if I were just starting out this is what I'd do:

1. Join a successful team or agent that has experience, a successful track record, and selling style that you would like to learn. Interview with more than one before choosing and then learn as much as possible - this is the safest and fastest way to gain experience. 

2. Look up the courses calendar on SDAR and start learning - start with the MLS intro class, and then one on RPA and disclosures.

3. If you want to start out on your own I've heard KW offers good support for new agents. I'd look into Compass and Sotheby's as well. 

Extra tips:  Fiverr.com is great when it comes to stuff like flyer design, email signatures, etc. For headshots and business cards, use SD Ink Designs.