Just got my license. Now what?

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Start viewing listings on MLS and then preview if you can, that way you can talk about what you have seen. Surf Craigslist for FSBOs and call them. We pulled a tax roll and send post cards to out of town owners to generate listings. Get to know local investors, they are repeat buyers. You can meet some by attending local auctions.

If you have not interviewed Brokerages you should do so.  You are interviewing them to see if they are a good fit for you.  Each one is different and have different things to offer. 

Once you select a Brokerage they will give you additional training on contracts, how to sell, and others. 

You also have to complete your 45 hour continuing education as part of your post licensing requirements.  Don’t forget to sign up and get that done right away. 

Getting through all of the about will take about a month.

After that start calling everybody you know, and I mean everybody! Let them know what you are doing and ask them for referrals or leads. Once you exhaust this list, then work on For Sale By Owner FSBO, expires listings, etc.

When you start with people you know you will get a solid lead or sale for every 12 people you reach.  That is a 12:1 ratio. Everybody else outside that circle is a 50:1

Best of luck to you!!