Selling a multi million dollar house

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I have a friend through my local rotary club that is fairly wealthy and has always been very supportive of me and my interests in investing. He is selling his house and moving to Arizona but hasn't had any luck finding a buyer yet. Earlier tonight while at dinner he told me that if I could find someone to buy the house then he would give me 3% of the purchase price as a bonus. Now this to me seemed like an incredible opportunity because a large sum of cash would be insanely helpful in jumpstarting my real estate endeavors. The house is listed for 2.4 million and the majority of people I interact with are not millionaires (big surprise) so I'm not quite sure how I could go about finding a buyer for a house that expensive. Does anybody have any suggestions about finding high end buyers? The property is just outside of Sacramento, California so I think it would be most beneficial to market to people in the bay area that would like a home away from the city with vineyards and a great view of the central valley.

Thanks for reading my post and any feedback you might have would be greatly appreciated


because you don't have access to MLS and other resources, you may just want to take to social media and other means to advertise the deal. before you do that, make sure to read through any all laws relating to real estate and "representation" of other people. Because you don't have an RE sales license you don't want to cross the line into representing him as that could get you into some legal trouble. Good luck!