Suggestions for Property Management companies in Florida

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I’m working on purchasing an out of state investment property in Orlando ( near UCF or Universal Studios) or in West Palm Beach (where ever the numbers make sense).

I am currently doing research on property management companies in those areas so when I purchase my property I have a few recommended companies in mind.

Any suggestions?

I've had experience with a few. Ben is on the higher end but worth it. Benjamin Schwab GRI, E-PRO, CMS, CNS, SFRBROKER OF Keyrenter Property ManagementManaging Broker, ERA Rising Realty

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I have used Jobe from the Listing for years. Here is his website. Very professional, and works great for out of town investors. I lived in Virginia when I started investing, and Jobe and his team have always taken excellent care of my best interests and my properties. 

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