Becoming RE Agent an advantage for investing?

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Hello everyone,

I have some experience with live and flips. My first home was purchased cash at 230k and put in 40k worth of renovations and I sold it a couple years later for 440k. Through which I bought another home the one I currently live in with a conventional loan at 213k with 30k worth of renovations. I ended up paying off the loan. And I still have some money left.

The thing is I’m scared to pull the trigger now when it comes to investing again. Both homes were found on Redfin but I want to purchase cheaper priced homes than what are advertised on there.

Real estate to me seems very fun and interesting and something I feel like i can survive doing. I love learning and can spend hours educating myself on the subject.

But when it comes on taking action on what I’ve learned I feel a bit intimated.

So I feel that becoming an agent would help me take action on the investing side of things by learning more hands on and gaining experience in making deals and everything that comes along with being an agent.

What do you guys think? Has becoming an agent helped you take action and gain an advantage towards your investments?

Thank you

Becoming an agent does not provide you with additional confidence and knowledge. That's where most agents fail. The focus of big box firms is to collect monthly fees and commission splits from agents and that means you want your agents to be "marketing experts" - not so much real estate experts. The real estate knowledge comes from having a passion for all things "dirt."  You control your learning. You get it by actively seeking it and getting more experience. The most confident investors I know are the ones who surround themselves with experts in various disciplines (real estate investing is too complex for one person to be an expert in all facets) and actively getting their hands dirty.  Arm yourself with a realtor who specializes in investor clients. Get a creative lender too.  Find a jack of all trades handyman and a few specialized contractors (the realtor usually has these vetted professionals from years of working with them) and come up with a business plan.  Investing in real estate is risky when you don't know what the end game is.  Determine what type of investing is best in your market and a match for your skills/temperament and then get on with it. I find that there are two ways to overcome fear:  one is to act. The other is to plan for the act.  Worrying won't get you anywhere.  The dollar size of the transaction should not be the driver.  Please consider adding bench strength behind you.  It will cost you nothing and you'll learn and achieve more than you can on your own.  You can always get your real estate license; it will cost a couple of thousand dollars for course work, testing, licensing, and then you'll have the cost of placing your license with a firm.  You will not be able to trade on your own account so you won't be able to earn commissions on your transactions or handle them yourself.  Learn.  Then act.