Do you work with investors in Milwaukee?

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Hi everyone,

My name is Sara Aviv Berger and I’m a real estate investor from Israel. 

I represent few investors and after we did some research we decided to invest in Milwaukee.

We are looking for a long-run partner, real estate agent and wholesalers, with a vast experience in flip deals, located in the local market to be our "ears and eyes" and find good deals for us.

I will appreciate if you have any contacts to share with me, if you are the guy or woman I am looking for please PM me. 

looking forward to see your comments  


Updated almost 2 years ago

I have a local phone number I’ll be happy to share with the relevant contacts

Originally posted by @Sarah Sparks :

Hi Sara, I am an investor in Milwaukee area. Are there specific areas of Milwaukee you are interested in?

I had my eyes on these neighborhoods but I am open to suggestions;

Cooper park
West Allis
Brown Deer
Town & County Manor