Good place to start as an agent

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Do you live in West Virginia? Says you are in Kansas? 

Eastern Panhandle is good market right now. I'm not an agent but I'm guessing that's one of the best spots in WV to be an agent. 

A good place to start is where you are comfortable and knowledgeable with the area. Being a broker is hugely about making connections, offering your services and utilizing WHO and WHAT you know. This of course goes on different scales for different types of brokers.. I say start in a market you see yourself living and growing in. Its seems easier to start with who you already know, that to pick a place on a map and restart. Just my .02. 

For me, it was my broker, He knew everything I didn't. Was the most valuable resource to me. That and having friends in the business helped me a lot in the beginning. Don't take for granted the knowledge & experience a good broker can provide you.

I'm a realtor here in West Virginia. Since we are a smaller market than other states I would say it is highly relationship based in parts of West Virginia. Places like Charleston, Huntington, and Morgantown though has lots of opportunities for newer agents. But at the end of the day if you hustle and work your *** off I don't really think it matter where you are at IMO. What part of West Virginia are you thinking about?

@Jayden Grissom

Yes I'm leaning more towards Florida myself and I'm having the worst luck finding realestate agents that are motivated they don't return calls they are really laid back maybe they don't believe I'm real but where do I go to find agents That wanna make some money

The higher the price, the more money you make. NYC, DC, Boston, San Fran, LA, Seattle. Places like that is where Id want to be an agent.