Best real estate audiobooks for newbies

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How are you planning on investing in RE? Regardless, I think "The book on rental property investing" by Brandon Turner and "The millionaire real estate investor" by Gary Keller are great first books. "Long-Distance Real Estate investing" by David Greene is great if you want to invest out-of-state.

A few of my favorites in no particular order

1.  Building Wealth One House at a time- John Schuab

This book gives a great philosophy about building wealth and how to creativity structure deals.  Some of the information is outdated, but most still applies.  

2.  Land-lording on Autopilot- Mike Butler

No-nonsense systems, and tools to use when buying and managing rental property.  It is a must  for every property manager.  

3.  Retire Early with Real Estate- Chad Carson

This book details many investors who have retired or supplement their retirement with real estate.  It also gives several plans one can follow to retire with real estate.  

4. BRRRR- David Greene

This book gives tips and systems on this BRRRR process. It also give a detailed investor first BRRRR. Things to watch out for when BRRRRing, and how to negotiate rehab cost. Very valuable information if you decide to BRRRR.

I would suggest reading How to Invest in Real Estate first then after that decide what you want to pursue, and concentrate on that.  

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