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I’m scheduled to take the GA RE Salesperson exam on this coming Tuesday and I’ve yet to decide which brokerage I want to hang my license with. I aspire to help my age group(21-30) build generational wealth through real estate investing while being able to invest myself. I want the ability to build a strong personal brand without the brokerage and it’s name overshadowing my hard work. In GA, it is required to work three years as a salesperson before you can apply to be a broker which is one of my end goals. Any suggestions on brokerages I should look into that align with these goals backed with the training/mentor ship sufficient for a newbie agent? I want to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. Thanks in advance

Hi @Milan Dixon and welcome to BiggerPockets!

While I am not an agent nor a broker, I have worked with a great number of them over two decades. The ones I respect are the few who understand the business of real estate from an investor's perspective.

If becoming an investor yourself is one of your goals, I would encourage you to find a brokerage that is focused on serving investors, ideally one run by an experienced investor.

Your broker can't teach you what they themselves don't know.

I do have some suggestions, so connect with me here if you are interested in hearing them.

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