Any good Social Media Strategies for agents?

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I've used a service called Client Alchemist before. Basically the idea was to create a localized FaceBook page putting out relevant content to the area. One of the contents included a list of properties that you can only access by giving out info (phone number and email). Once you get the contact info, most people who click to gain access to the list will be 12-18 month of buying, or 3-6 months of selling but if you have a robust follow up system in place you will convert a decent amount of them.

On a personal FaceBook level, I think more than 70% of your content should be not related to real estate. 30% can be related to real estate (people have different numbers for these). Getting clients a lot of times comes down to trust and on social media, people become more trusting of you when you're putting yourself out there and humanizing yourself using social media. Good luck!