Where to find a list of newly licensed real estate agents?

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@Brian Hetzman I recently applied for my license here in Florida. Here you have to apply before you are allowed to sit for the state test. Once I scheduled my test with Pearson Vue testing center I started getting unsolicited emails from brokers asking me if I would be interested to join them. I haven't even taken the test yet and I get one of these emails ever 2-3 days. So there are 1 of 2 things happening. Florida DBPR is selling my information to brokers or Pearson View is selling my information to brokers. I don't really mind all that much since it is literally the only time I have had "employers" beating down my door. I would suggest calling your state licensing agency and asking if you can buy a list of people that have applied for a license. If that doesn't work check with the testing company if it is someone other than the state. Hope this helps in some way. 

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