Realtors... I am curious what draws you to a specific brokerage?

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What does your dream brokerage look like? What draws you to work for a specific brokerage? What incentives would draw you? What could they do to help you? I would love your feedback.

Thank you.

I wanted to be a part of a team where agents wanted to help other agents. I also was drawn to my brokerage due to the ability to work virtually from anywhere. Lastly, I wanted an in depth and extensive education program that I would be able to learn from the highly successful agents in my brokerage. 

It is very important to due your due diligence before selecting which brokerage to join.  Are you in the process of getting your license?

I think it would look like redfin, but with commissioned agents. Glenn Kelman could flip the switch and convert to a traditional brokerage and agents would flock there. The only problem is Glenn used to talk a lot of **** about traditional agents, not sure if he still does

I think I'll go on about what a brokerage should NOT be: 

My dream was to work with investors because I want to be an investor. I joined an "investor friendly" brokerage but nobody there was interested in training a new agent. My initial experience with investors was not good, I was labeled when they knew nothing of my circumstances and I shouldn't have to explain myself to anyone! 

All you hear coming in is how it's "your business" but it is not. You don't brand yourself, you brand them. You don't get to have a personality. And yes it is still "cut throat" and full of "frienemies" at best. The real reason 75+% of agents fail their first year is because brokerages all make promises they don't keep, they have hidden fees, and outward resentment. The advice and guidance they offer is limited and generic. They all sit there and get bitter about how they had to start on their own so they push you to the bottom to prove some kind of point. I don't want to hear about 50 year old "proven strategies" there's a reason we don't use Pony Express anymore! 

Training is important. Not being misinformed, under informed, or uninformed is also important! 

I like @Sean McDonnell 's advice, and would add that what I like about Keller Williams is the culture.  They provide a lot of training, resources, education, and coaching in my brokerage, and the additional culture emphasis I believe is what puts them ahead of other agencies.  It's more than just Red Day or Profit Sharing, but the Belief System