Anybody investing in Maryland ?

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My sister lives in Maryland and is currently going to school to get her license , we would love to network and meet others in the Maryland area , we are ready to start investing and networking

I invest mostly in Montgomery County and Frederick County MD. Occasionally PG and DC as well.

@Nish Desai Rental demand is very high here. We have a Naval base that is driving growth. Although, finding deals is very competitive at the moment, especially On the MLS. If you have opportunities such as the one your mentioning and you can get a great deal on it...then jump. You do need to be cautious of the areas you choose to invest in. There are a couple that come to mind that are no-gos....atleast for me.

Let me know if I can help.

@James Barnes my potential property is between California, Md and Great Mills, MD. About 2 mins from the Walmart and other retail development along 235(three notch road). I’d love to connect and ask some more market related questions if you don’t mind. Thanks