Applying For The Florida Real Estate Exam

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Just do all the practice test, take a review course when finished, take the state test as soon as you can.  As you know, there is a lot of information you just need to memorize long enough to take the test, then you can dump it from your brain.  I sort of giggled about 20 questions in, on how easy it was.

I took my classes through Gold Coast and did all their practice tests on each chapter about a dozen times. When I took the test I laughed half way through about how easy it was. Also, the math on the state exam is WAYYYYY easier than the math in the study books so don’t stress over that part too much. Good luck

@Leslie L Meneus

If at first you don’t succeed....just try again! In anything we do in life we are bound to fail, what shows true character is getting back up and finishing what we set out to accomplish.

Congrats on passing your exam!