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Hi there,

Im looking for some advice on where or how to find investment opportunities, as a silent investor, in the commercial real estate space where I can invest some available cash flow & earn some dividends or interest in my investment. For example Ive heard these investments are normally requiring higher amounts & people get together to pich in as a group & invest that amount. How di we find these opportunities? I might be able to go in on an investment on my own or with a group. Not sure where to start my research in terms of finding these.

Appreciate any advice.



@Roberto Jardim  

Welcome to BP! You can do so by simply searching the old BP posts. You will find plenty of posts on the topic of passive investing. 

Here're a few articles to give you ideas as to your options:



PM me if you have any questions. 

@Roberto Jardim it sounds like you're talking about being a limited partner in a commercial real estate syndication. Because of the difficulties around soliciting investors, you'll rarely see operators like me and @Alina Trigub advertising for investors. The rules state that operators and investors need to have a pre-existing relationship before offering an investment opportunity. 

So, for you, I would recommend reaching out to syndicators and beginning the relationship building process as well as educating yourself on the questions you should be asking to make sure you're dealing with a competent operator.

Hope this helps!

@Roberto Jardim set up key word alerts for "syndication," "passive," "apartments," "<insert asset class you're interested in>," etc. and start following along and seeing who's active. By doing this, you will get a good idea of who's active in what niches, what asset classes you like, who's advice / experience you trust, and so forth, at which point you can reach out to said person and begin establishing that pre-existing relationship @Lucas Miller mentioned.

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