Flying to Memphis, Who Should I Meet for BRRRR, Long Distance?

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Hello again,

My wife & I have one rental here in Las Vegas. She's got a full time job, as do I & I side hustle selling real estate locally. Our first son is 2 & the idea is to buckle down & invest hard along with our income hustles so by the time he's in middle school we can always be there with him.

We save every month & also just got a HELOC on our 1st rental for more capital to BRRRR. Were looking into Memphis, TN & I plan to fly out next month, MID December for 5 days. I'd like to meet face to face with the usual suspects for a successful BRRRR Long Distance & have read both the David Greene books & consumed every BP podcast over last 3 years. Looking for opportunities in ARV areas around 80-125K SFR.

Looking to find:

1) a few good Realtors experienced with the BRRRR method.

2) local Memphis Lenders/Banks who’ll do 75% cash out refi’s based on value, not cost.

3) Closing attorney & Title Agents who understand delayed financing for 2nd or 3rd+ deals once team is assembled & up & running smoothly.

4) General Contractors familiar with buy & hold, value add projects.

5) Property Managers with good communication & who you’ve had good success with long term.

6) Local investors for possible partnership who have a few BRRRR's already under their belt in Memphis, TN.

7) Your favorite BBQ restaurant in Memphis area

I plan on doing a lot of repeat business & making sure the team profits with me each transaction. If you are, or know someone I should schedule time with, please let me know, I’d love to sit down with you.

Thank you for any input & look forward to meeting you all!

Excited to explore & get started in Memphis,

-Steve Christmas

@Steve C.

First things first, the best BBQ in Memphis is the Bar-B_Q Shop on Madison with The Commissary in Germantown is a close second. You wont go wrong with either place!

I have used the BRRRR method myself several time's and I have countless clients who have used it. I also have some bankers that I know will refinance the property into a permanent loan when you are ready. I have many external vendor partners that we recommend that can help you and I am happy to share all that info

There are several different zip codes that you can BRRRR in. 38118, 38116, 38115 are just a couple that immediately come to mind. I have personally found success in the 38122 zip code but that is often a little lower price point that what I recommend to out of state/city investors.

Best of Luck to you here in Memphis and I am happy to answer any questions on my personal experiences here in Memphis

@Stephen Akindona Stephen! I’d love to meet up. I’m planning on going to three local meet ups in the area, all the week of the 17th in December- Wednesday morning @7:30, coffee with investors, Thursday @ 7:30 AM Mastermind, Friday Lunch with the Pro’s 12-1pm. Not sure if you attend any of these, but hopefully?

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