Should I get my RE license?

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I have done a few flips, but the physical work is taking its toll on me.  Should I get my RE license?  Recently moved to Daytona Beach Shores, Fl. and don't see anyone from BP in this area, how do I decide who to broker with?  Thanks for any tips or suggestions!

@Michael Steward Hi Michael,  Any education that is going to help you become a better investor is always good.  If you are planning on doing more with Real Estate, I would suggest getting your license.  You will have more access to training, tools, resources and information by being an agent.  There is a financial investment in becoming an agent so please keep that in mind.

Best of luck to you!

@Michael Steward how is not having a license currently limiting you? What do you want to do with your license?

To get your license just to get it is not worth the time BUT if you plan to use it strategically to grow your business then definitely!

I did over 20 deals before I got my license, and I only got it because in Texas you have to have your license to be a property manager. 

Best of luck!

Hello Michael, 

I'm not familiar with the requirements in Florida to get your RE License, but for New Jersey I was able to complete my 75 hours, take the state test, get fingerprinted and join an agency in less than 1 month. I joined the agency where I completed my schooling after doing much research, and speaking to other agents within the office so it worked out in my favor that way. It provides you with knowledge beyond just being an agent and opens you to other opportunities as opening an agency yourself and becoming a broker. I would always recommend it. I hope this information helps.

Hey Michael! I’m in south East Florida and would be happy to chat with ya. Finding the right broker is all about what makes sense for you! There’s a different broker for different needs! Not gonna try to sell you or anything like that and am happy to offer any helpful insights about your goals and commissions and leads etc. 

you can make it work for you for sure ! 

Getting the license is the easy part. What they don't tell you that there a lot of agencies that will give you a flat fee charge for all sales. So, if you are only using your license for your own buying and selling, you won't have to give your broker 40-50%. Also, you don't have to be a member of the MLS to practice RE. You just have to find a broker that will carry your license and you can still view, buy and sell like a REALTOR, but you can't call yourself that. That only comes with the MLS/NAR membership. You can enter all houses with lock boxes and if there is an electric lock box, then you just have the selling agent let you in. I only work with investors and investment properties. I wish I would have known this when I started and I would have saved myself A LOT of money and time. The benefit is that you now get the commission on the purchase and save on the sale. I hope that helps! Best of luck to you!