Full time federal job plus.... real estate agent?

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I am a full time federal employee, who works 40hrs a week, no more. I work 13 hour shifts and only 15 days out of the month.

I obtained my Florida real estate license, but have never sold a home. To add clarity, I am currently living in AZ, but want to transfer to Jacksonville, FL, for my current job. I need the security of a W-2 job, especially with child support; however, I want to get started as a sales agent because that is my passion.

My question is - will I be able to perform both? Is anyone out there working 40 hrs a week and doing real estate? 



@Sarah Brown I assume your RE career took off and you were able to quit your job, which is amazing and in fact exactly what I would like to do. I just don't want to step off the boat without another one there to catch me.

Thanks for the input!

@Timothy Colman wow that’s an intense schedule ! You could definitely do it with a good tc and work open houses for other agents from your brokerage on weekends to get leads. Lots of opportunities!

Jacksonville is a hot market !

Good luck !

@Timothy Colman I did just this last year. I currently have a W-2 job as the Controller of a mid-size business in Kokomo, IN. I obtained my real estate license late in 2018, realizing not many local Realtors use Facebook as a method to attract leads & clients. Next week, I’ll be closing my 35th transaction if the year totaling right at $4.5 million. Almost half of that has been through Facebook. Now I will say that I’m on a computer nearly all day, every day at my W-2 job and am able to occasionally view new listings, quickly fill out contracts, etc. A lot of the clients I’ve helped also have day jobs, and I estimate I average less than 10 hours/week actively showing homes, attending listing appointments, etc. I’m trying to take advantage of our hot market while it lasts, but I’ve learned that if you work smart, make lots of connections and treat clients like family, success will follow. I chose our local RE/MAX brokerage based on the commission/fee structure and brand.

Don't worries so much about the conflicts in schedule as they won't be as often as you think.  If definitely doable.  When you get started you'll need to be focused on your schedule.  90% of your job when you start will be lead generation and you need to set ample time aside for this during the correct hours.  If you have a good network (family and friends) in Jacksonville already who will work with you they'll work around your schedule. When you meet new clients who are buyers they're very easy to schedule when you're available.  For listing you might miss a few showing, but most people are able to work around a schedule.  In anycase make friends in your office who can do showing for you when you're busy and you'll be ok.

As a broker/owner I know my associated wear multiple hats and are able to have successful real estate businesses while maintaining other obligations. I’m local in JAX and would love to speak with you about how you can make that transition easy. 

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